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Isabella Westh holds space for movement and meditation through body-mind curiosity, comfort, and acceptance.

Want to get closer to the present moment?

Allow guided breath sessions, meditations and soft bedtime stories to send you to a deeply relaxed and comfortable space, closer to the present moment.

"Isabella's yoga classes are inspiring and you will clearly feel her extensive knowledge of yoga, whether it concerns breathing techniques, meditation, adjustments of yoga positions to the individual's body or the philosophy behind it. She conveys yoga in an exciting and authentic way. Isabella gets my warmest recommendations" - Line, Denmark.

Move your body with Isabella

Whether it is inspiration, guidance or experience you are looking for, Isabella is here for you. Practice with Isabella in person or find her online classes right here.

"Isabella is present & attentive and manages to form understanding and convey knowledge about body, heart & being. Her calm and loving approach spreads in the people she associates with and she creates space for reflection and compassion. I am a very big fan and have deep respect for her approach" - Christina, Denmark.

Immerse into your yoga with Isabella as spaceholder

If you wish to swell in self-development, allow Isabella to hold the space for your experience. We give an expansive amount of our energy to others, and so, we sometimes we need to surrender into giving spaces to gain perspective on our own preferences and priorities. Release the rails for a moment to immerse your self to an experience of receiving – allowing you to re-connect with your inner self. 

"The Spring Awakening Retreat really went above and beyond my expectations so of course I decided to sign up for Summer Heat as well. All in all, I was totally impressed and would absolutely recommend!" - Serena, Denmark.

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