Want to get closer to the now?

Allow guided breath sessions, meditations and soft bedtime stories to send you to a deeply relaxed and comfortable space, closer to the present moment.

Move your body and mind online with Isabella

Being a former martial arts performer, and a grounded yoga practitioner, Isabella guides strong vinyāsa yoga classes, deeply rooted in acceptance and awareness – with sprinkles of traditional yoga philosophy. More than anything she radiate balance. As strong as her fiery classes are, just as grounding and nurturing are her soft and gentle yin yoga and yoganidrā sessions. Allowing you to melt away on a marshmallow  cushion of calmness and relaxation.

Practice with her in person or find her universe of SUN & MOON online classes right here.

Immerse into your yoga with Isabella as spaceholder

If you wish to swell in self-absorption, allow Isabella to hold the space for your experience. Sometimes we need to surrender into the spaces of others to gain perspective on our own preferences and priorities. Release the rails for a moment to immerse your self to an experience and balance – allowing you to re-connect with your inner curious self.