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Monday 12th October - Wednesday 14th October 2020


A deep and spiritual experience.

3 days with time for reflection, wellness and healing.

Dive deep into yogic philosophy, practice & meditation.

Experience the power of knowledge and inner reflection.

Feel connected and woke in the now with like minded people, while being in a space of safety, curiosity and acceptance.



This retreat will offer a unique opportunity to experience the passion for yoga from multiple teachers and yogis. Allowing space for teachers to share their perspectives and for students to reflect and mindfully grow with their new found awareness.

Prices from 3250,00 DKK*

*earlybird 20% until 15th of September




07:00   Morning Meditation Class

07:15    Dynamic Vinyasa Class

09:15    Tea & Pee Break

09:30   Pranayama & Meditation Class

10:00   Brunch

11:30   Workshop

14:00   Light Lunch

16:00   Ashtanga Vinyasa Fusion Class

18:00   Dinner & Snacks

19:00   Yin Yoga and Sound Bath OR Spa Evening


Daily Meditation

Multiple Daily Yoga Classes

Spa Evening with Sauna and Wilderness Baths

Sound Bath Event

Optional 4 hour Silent Experience

Multiple Workshops

All meals included

Filling and delicious vegetarian or vegan food

Accommodations in 3 days / 2 nights

Snacks, tea and infused water available all day

Transportation between Ribe St. and Skovly

Homemade organic body scrub

On day 1 arrival is at 11:00. On day 3 departure is at 17:00.

NB. there can be changes in the schedule.

Skovly Forest Hideout

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“Nature is pleased with simplicity.” – Isaac Newton


Skovly Forest Hideout is a hidden gem inviting room for pause. It’s founded on the desire to be close with nature. The name ‘Skovly’ is Danish for a shelter in the forest. The owner wish to inspire room for calmness, nature happenings as well as awareness on the body and world you exist in.


The Skovly facilities and location is designed to invite deep breaths and presence towards the current moment. The nature plays a big part of the every day routine here. With a beautifully happy and vibrant attitude, this space provides a special place to get back to an inner core of happiness and tranquility.

We will highly respect the current COVID-19 legislation in terms of hygiene and recommended space. 


More on Offerings


We will flow dynamical and smoothly through our vinyasa classes, and build alignment and steady state awareness in the more fundamental ashtanga vinyasa fusion classes. Through pranayama (breath expansion) we will grow our ability to notice the body-mind-breath connection, and in meditation classes we will leave the physical body towards a place of calmness and singular focus.


Grow your knowledge and perspectives during workshops. Harvest the fruits of your personal growth work during times of healing and treating yourself, either through spa evening rituals, yin yoga or the sensory sound bath event.

During one of the days, you will have the opportunity to try 4 hours of silence. With these 4 hours comes immense internal growth and awareness.

Good to know


This retreat is for YOU. Feel welcome to join if you are a new to yoga or an experienced yoga practitioner. During the retreat, we will practice a welcoming and open-minded mentality; with respect for every mind and every body participating.


You will receive a welcome letter upon booking containing a "what to bring"-packing list, directions to Skovly and ways of transportation, full schedule, and all relevant information on this retreat. If you wish to receive the full schedule or any additional information prior to booking, please send me an e-mail on


Isabella Westh

Facilitator & Teacher

In the spirit of growing collective awareness, reflection and acceptance, this retreat was founded. An abundance of yoga classes is offered daily as a gateway to melt the mind into the body. My classes will be open for all levels, deeply focused on the breath and each students individual journey. I will also incorporate some chanting, breath exercises and yogic philosophy into my classes. Leaving you with an inner energetic smile and a deep feeling of inner power, compassion and importance.

I believe this retreat will awaken a powerful sense of presence, and leave you with stronger sensation of happiness, freedom and mind-body-connection.

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Mike Williams

Guest Teacher

Mike is a warm, sincere and wise space-holder and teacher.

His teachings has humbling and grounding vibrations to them, as he always allow immense space for the students. Through ceremonies of inner growth, collective adventures or sound baths with great depths, he will impact the current state of mind with softness and awareness.

Mike will be teaching a ceremonial gathering, a soundbath journey as well as host the space for our spa evening.

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Nanna Hofman

Guest Teacher

Nanna came across Yoga in 2015 and used it as a complimentarary practice to her Crossfit and weightlifting practice after too many injuries and too little caretaking. Life as a personal trainer and crossfit/fitnesstrainer was a lot on the body. About a year later, Nanna literally dropped the weights and surrendered fully to the path of Yoga. From early on it became a daily ritual and a way of finding her way home. A home that she had never experienced like this before.

In combination with her degree as a Physio Therapist from VIA University College, where she was missing more knowledge on the subtle energies as well as the human mind, Yoga became the thing that allowed her profession to go full circle.

Since then Nanna has taken more than 300+ hours in official Yoga Teacher Training, an 8-week mindfulness course and 100+ hours in workshops from different teachers around the world. Nanna has taught 2000+ hours in studios since she started teaching Yoga in 2017 and is all about the felt experience more than anything else.

Nanna's thoughts on guiding Asana is pretty simple. She considers the combination of movement and breath a way to keep life flowing through us. It helps us feeling our bodies in ways no other movement-style does. Asana-practice with Nanna is therefore a combination of thorough anatomic cues to move the body in a safe way and also connecting to that special energy that's always bubbling within you.

She don't really care about how flexible you are or how long you can invert yourself for. She cares more about how you hold yourself. How you use the physical practice to move in direction of whatever seduces your lungs. The simple fact that we're able to breathe and move is an epiphany of magical systems in place - Nanna sees Asana as a way of honoring that.

Whether you find yourself under the guidance of Nanna in a physical, a mental or a philosophical setting, expect to be challenged. Expect new ways of looking at yourself, your world and the way you move in it. She's gonna be there for every step of the way.

Nanna holds a love for you and a deep belief in you from the second you're under her wing. She has your back and she's here to guide you until you have it for yourself as well.

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