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I am thankful for each and everyone of you!

Christina, yoga class student and retreat participant

Isabella is present & attentive and manages to form understanding and convey knowledge about body, heart & being. Her calm and loving approach spreads in the people she associates with and she creates space for reflection and compassion. I am a very big supporter and have deep respect for her approach.


Line, yoga class student

Isabella's yoga classes are inspiring and you will clearly feel her extensive knowledge of yoga, whether it concerns breathing techniques, meditation, adjustments of yoga positions to the individual's body or the philosophy behind it. She conveys yoga in an exciting and authentic way. Isabella gets my warmest recommendations.


Helene, martial arts and meditation 1:1 sessions

Isabella is one of the most present, caring and loving people I have met. She creates a fantastic calm around her that you feel right into your soul. If my body is restless or my head is full of thoughts, I know that I can find peace by listening to one of her meditations!


Frida, retreat participant

Really lovely days with a good programme, nice people, great teaching and pleasant "free time". Very professionally done and GREAT atmosphere! I would definitely like to do that again :-)


Emilie, yoga class student

Isabella is a warm, inspiring, present and loving person and this is reflected in her yoga classes too. I always feel seen and filled with renewed energy after yoga in Isabella's presence. Her way of being and teaching can always make a bad day good, or a good day even better. I can wholeheartedly recommend Isabella.


Johanne, yoga class student

Isabella is an enormously skilled, committed, attentive and inspiring yoga instructor. I ALWAYS look forward to joining her team, as I am both physically and mentally challenged. In her classes, there is both time and space for immersion, learning and self-reflection.


Josefine, retreat participant

The content was overall all I could have dreamt of! The vinyasa classes were more challenging and creative compared to the classes I've done in the past. I always enjoy her classes because they are so creative, mindful, have focus on alignment and just make me feel good. She was good at making us feel comfortable and at the same time challenge us. I enjoyed the retreat so much and would gladly do it again!


Mary Jean, yoga class student and retreat participant

Isabella combines strength, softness, care and creativity, all conveyed so confidently and lovingly. Her energy is infectious! Her retreat was the best investment I've made in a long time. THANK YOU


Serena, retreat participant

The Spring Awakening Retreat really went above and beyond my expectations so of course I decided to sign up for Summer Heat as well. Although it was different in many ways, it definitely did not disappoint. The amazing group of people who took part on both occasions really made the experience for me. All in all, I was totally impressed and would absolutely recommend!


Stephanie, yoga class student

Amazing class, Isabella is a fantastic teacher.


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