monthly live online yoga classes

one SUN class and one MOON class each month

the class schedule will follow the moon cycle

The SUN class is a powerful vinyasa yoga class.

120 minutes with intense meditations, breath work, yoga flow, philosophy and ultimate presence.

Every SUN class will be scheduled when it is new moon.

At this time the moon is not (or barely) visible as the moon is places in between the sun and the earth, letting the sun completely over shine the moon. The new moon marks beginnings, increasing energy and motivation as well as an opportunity to set intentions.

13. mar   -   11. apr   -   11. may   -   10. jun

The MOON class is a calm and soothing yoga class.

120 minutes of slow vibrations, yin yoga, yoga nidra, intense meditation, breath work and contemplation.

Every MOON class will be scheduled when it is full moon.

At this time the sun and the moon is on opposite sides of the Earth. With Earth in the middle, we experience the moon being fully illuminated by the sun's rays. The full moon is associated with completion, realization of desires, peak of clarity, contemplation and rest.

28. mar   -   27. apr   -   26. may   -   24. jun


The SUN & MOON classes are part of a virtual community of likeminded people ready to share and recieve positive energy. If you wish to become a member of this community and enjoy the monthly SUN & MOON classes, list your e-mail below, and I will send you all the details you need to decide whether this is a good match for you.

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Thank you. Without you, none of this was possible.


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My passion. My offering.

The language is English and the level is open for anyone to join. Some experience with yoga will help you understand the poses and flow better. All you need to join is an open mindset.


This is my passion. This is my offering.