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retreat 2020

Et aktiv retreat i naturens omgivelser. 4 dage med opfriskende fysisk aktivitet, tid til dig selv og masser af velvære. Nyd en sommerpause med masser af bevægelse, dybe vejrtrækninger

samt kontakt til naturen og dig selv.



gathering 2020

A deep and spiritual experience.

3 days with time for reflection, wellness and healing.

Dive deep into yogic philosophy, practice & meditation.

Feel connected and woke in the now with like minded people, while being in a space of safety, curiosity and acceptance.


retreat goa 2021

6 day journey to deepen your yoga practice. Indian shala on hillside, surrounded by nature overlooking the ocean. Experience true presence while reconnecting with inner happy self.

 Former Retreats 


yoga retreat 2020

4 days in the Scandinavian wilderness. Daily physical practice, meditation and breath work. Luxury spa facilities and time to awake your true passions and inner values.

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