PT 3 clip card

PT 3 clip card

If one time is not enough, lets create a course with scheduled sessions. Repetition and scheduled space to grow your body awareness will lead to success in reaching your goals.


I believe in a strong mind, a healthy body and the significant connection between body and mind. With inner force to drive our motivation, we can achieve anything. 

I offer myself as your personal coach for either yoga, fitness or martial arts as movement forms. Breath focus, meditation and being your cheerleader for more inner joy will always be included. What ever goal you have, there is a routine suitable for you -one that will help you come back to a happier and healthier self. 

    HEY gorgeous

    Please feel free to get in touch and reach out. This is what I am here for, and I am happy to help out.

    Have an amazing day. xo

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