24/11 COMBAT (workshop)

24/11 COMBAT (workshop)

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This workshop will be held on saturday 24th of November 2018. Location is YO STUDIOS, Margretepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C. 


In this 2 hour martial arts COMBAT workshop, we will work on traditional thai boksning attack and defense tecniques, through friendly sparring with one another.


This workshop will teach you to interact with another human in a friendly combat, how to sparre with others and how to develop a peacefull mind in a controlled but pressured situation.


In martial arts, the number one rule is to protect your self at all times. When you are in a fight as well as in the training leading up to that fight.


You will learn to deliver and receive attacks while protecting your own body and strengthning your mind.


We will also cover movement patterns, that will help you stay safe and control the sparring situation to your benefit.


At this workshop please be prepared to experience physical contact with other people. 


The workshop is tought by martial arts performers Isabella & Arash.


You can attend the workshop whether your are a YO-member or not. 


There is a limited number of spaces on the workshop, so apply now if you want to secure your spot.


We can't wait for the ones of you who are interested, to join us for a day with combat, tecniques, fun and self development.


Once the workshop is payed for, it is non-refundable.

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