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YOGA RETREAT awakening spring 2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Fresh. Energy. Spring. Movement. Lessons. Togetherness. Unity.

This energizing spring retreat was everything I've dreamed of. Channeling the dormant energy of spring and working with inner values through movement and breath work provided me and the participants a magical journey.

This retreat was hosted at Skovly, Ribe, Denmark. Skovly means "Forest Hideout" and is a simple living and wellness gem right next to the forest of Ribe in Western Jutland, Denmark. Skovly provided grounding and a comforting setting for our journeys within.

Every morning started at 07:30 with 30 min silent meditation to wake up the body, followed by a short 15 min tea and pee break, then a 1,5 hours power vinyasa practice, ending with 20 min breathwork and meditation. These mornings seemed magical, and the guests did not seem to mind the long morning before breakfast, as this intensifies the focus and therefor also the experience.

Every power vinyasa class was packed with exciting transitions and asanas (poses) for everyone to challenge themselves with. On a yoga class there should always be room for everybody and every body. In our group we had complete beginners as well as intermediate level yogis. All showing great awareness on when to push through their challenges and when to listen to their limits.

Mid day we would either focus on wellness, alignment & adjustment class or nature walks. These hours provided time for inner reflection and allowed our perspectives to grow. Every day had a theme, a daily mantra and 3 daily questions. Post lunch we took 30 min to rest and digest as well as to journal, if anybody wished to do so. You could just take savasana or any other comfortable pose to rest in or scribble words into your journal.

Day 1 - Into the Woods

Mantra: I am rooted to the Earth.

Prompts: 1) What is a grounding factor in your weekly routine?

2) When do you feel closest to nature?

3) What makes you feel unsafe and what makes you feel safe?

Day 2 - Powerful Presence

Mantra: I am fully present

Prompts: 1) What takes energy out and what brings energy in?

2) What would make you smile right in this moment?

3) What impact do you currently make, and what impact do you want to make?

Day 3 - Deep Dive

Mantra: I am both strong and vulnerable

Prompts: 1) What actions empowers you?

2) Do you have any prior experiences or traumas that made you stronger?

3) What does being vulnerable look and feel like to you?

Day 4 - Final Manifestation

Mantra: I have inner happiness

Prompts: 1) Who are you and when do you feel most yourself?

2) Which qualities in people you surround yourself with, will make your inner happiness and personality flourish?

3) What qualities about yourself are you proud of?

All classes was designed to fit within the theme of each day. Allowing us all to melt into the given theme with body, mind and spirit. This is one of the amazing things a retreat experience can provide. The host will have multiple whole days to composition their version of a perfect practice. I for sure really enjoyed setting this experience together. Sharing my mind with the participants and noticing their reactions made me so happy!

Each evening we nursed our bodies and minds with comforting yin yoga. One of the days we where lucky enough to have a guest teacher throw a 30 min sound bath after our yin practice - leaving us in total liquidity, spaced out and ready for bed.

Sleeping a stones throw from the forest, with no light pollution and an open sky to melt our dreamy minds into the stars. Each night spend to rest and restore our prior experiences and make room for the new tomorrow.

This group of 9 people was amazing. All of you gave so much effort to experience your individual challenges and possibilities. You all taught me so much and was a constant reminder of the student and teacher within all of us.

Thank you so much for this amazing adventure.

To all participants: remember what you left behind, and what you brought with you from this experience.

Warm hugs

Isabella Westh

Retreatguest Mary: "Isabella forbinder styrke, blødhed, omsorg og kreativitet alt sammen formidlet så trygt og kærligt. Hendes energi er smittende! Hendes retreat var den bedste investering, jeg har lavet længe<3 TAK"

Retreatguest Anjuli: "Sweetheart! I just wanted to say thanks again for the most zen and gorgeous experience I ever could have hoped for. You nailed it..."

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