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MIND the new year

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

New years is approaching. Festivities. Happiness. A new chapter.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a blast spending time with your family and your loved ones this year. Everyone deserves to be surrounded with joy and happiness. Especially this time a year. (Here in Denmark it is super dark outside - we rarely have any sunny-hours during winter - which is why we need love and togetherness even more!).

I realized this year, people tend to ask a lot into "new years resolutions". What a great thing it is to look upon the year to come, and to set heartfelt intentions for your life. I love that.

But to use this time, and the gift of reflection, to reminisce about the year that's ending, is just as important to me - if not even more so. I love to look forward and glimpse into my future. Although I feel an urge to spend some time with my happiest memories from the passing year as well.

And not only the joyful memories. The ones influencing my identity. The educational ones. Maybe even the sad ones.

This year have been all about self-realization for me. About really truly listening to my core intuition - and dare trusting it. It's been scary, because I have made some risky choices. But I trusted my gut, and oh dear those choices is now turning out to be the best ones I have made in a very long time. This just tells me to trust my self more often.

What was your 2018 like?

Join the MOVE BODY MIND fellowship if you want to add your feels in a comment below.

Happy new years!



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