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MARTIAL ARTS a woman in a mans world

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Fight. Combat. Uppercut. Attack. Defense.

There is something about martial arts. The intense moment you face another human in a battle of strength, tactics and movement. Your primal instincts will awake and your brain will struggle to keep an overall view of the situation.

During combat your body will know physical damage, your mind will be stressed out - pressured to perform your best - but you will need to keep it together to controlled the situation to your benefit. You will need to focus.

Focus. Something I really learned at practice. An incredible ability to stay focused, even in a highly pressured and intimidating situation.

fightstand of kungfu, thaiboxing, mma, kickboxing

Power. Through the strength of your muscles or the expressions of your entire body. Fighting provides knowledge about how powerful and strong your body can be.

Masculinity. Martial arts is about hardcore warm-ups, sweaty and high interval training sessions, though sparring, and about no complaints. Just endurance.

Even for a woman on a team with 15-25 other full grown men.

Being a woman in this world was an adjustment of my femininity. For sure. But a healthy one. It taught me many things about equality and self awareness. It also made me care less to nothing about the surroundings of the training I do. Now all I care about is the quality of the training itself.

Combat. Nothing will compare to the feeling of being in a physical fight with another human. It is so special and can be - if controlled correctly - a great place of learning. Even if you are fighting a guy twice your size.

Thank you so much for your interest on this subject.



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