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Moving your body and centering your mind, should not be restricted.
Whether it is inspiration, guidance, or experience you need, I am here for you. I create thoughtful and passionate online experiences - opening the space for comfort, curiosity, awareness, and acceptance. Join from anywhere. Serve always.

My live classes are centred on the concept SUN & MOON.
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monthly live online yoga classes

SUN CLASS is a powerful vinyasa yoga practice.
90 minutes with fiery yoga flow, meditations, breath work, philosophical inputs and ultimate presence.

We practice under the NEW MOON.
Every sun class will be scheduled when it's new moon.

At this time the moon is not (or barely) visible as the moon is placed between the sun and the earth, letting the sun completely overshine the moon. The new moon marks beginnings, increasing energy and motivation as well as an opportunity to set intentions.

MOON CLASS is a calm and soothing yoga class.
90 minutes of slow vibrations, yin yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, breath work and contemplation.
We practice under the FULL MOON.
Each moon class is scheduled on the night of the full moon.
At this time the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. With Earth in the middle, we experience the moon being fully illuminated by the sun's rays. The full moon is associated with completion, realization of desires, peak of clarity, contemplation and rest.