Wellness treatments

We tend to hold onto much tension in body and mind. We bear the burden and do the work. You deserve to press pause. To take a moment of tension relief and retreat from your tension triggers.

With deep breaths and a suitable touch, allow me to let relaxation and calmness wash over you.

Deep inhale. Cleansing exhale.

Hjemmelavet naturlig sæbe


Shiatsu Massage

A deep tissue massage originating from Japan. "Shiatsu" means finger pressure. The treatment creates awareness towards symptoms and strains and provides great tension relief. 

30/45/60 min = 200/300/400 DKK

Aroma Therapy Massage

Dwell into a deep state of relaxation with gentle strokes applied to the surface of your body. Enjoy the scented aromas and the full body bliss while surrendering to tranquility. 

30/45/60 min = 250/350/450 DKK

Hot Stone Massage 

Feel the comfort of the hot lava stones caressing the surface of your body while applying gentle heat to your sore muscles. They improve blood circulation and aid in removal of toxins and lactic acid.

15*/30/45 min = 250/350/450 DKK

Reflexology Massage

A mixture of gentle strokes and deep pressure applied to feet and hands, providing full body calmness. The state of our feet and hands are in some cultures believed to reflect the state of our entire body and mind.

15*/30 min = 150/225/300 DKK

Singing Bowl Treatment

A guided meditation before or after your massage will ensure you a more impactful

experience. Let vibrations from singing bowls and calming musical instruments wash over.

15*/30 min = 100/175 DKK

*All 15 min massages are only offered as "add-ons" or as a combined treatment: fx 15 min Hot Stone, 15 min Reflexology and 15 min Singing Bowl Treatment.



Balance Me

Beginning hot stone ritual
30 min Back and neck massage
15 min Tibetan singing bowl meditation

300 DKK


Rejuvenate Me

Beginning hot stone ritual
15 min Hot stone warmup
60 min Deep tissue shiatsu massage
15 min Face, hand and foot massage

725 DKK


Relax Me

Beginning hot stone ritual
30 min Back and neck massage
15 min Face, hand and foot massage
15 min Tibetan singing bowl meditation

375 DKK​

Location & Schedule

My massage table is portable. So I can deliver a treatment in the comfort of your home, or I can offer the session in Aarhus City.

BOHO yoga studio

Studsgade 40, st. 8000 Aarhus C 

Call 2859 9188 or write an e-mail to book.

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