JUNE 18th – JUNE 24th

greet yourself daily with vinyasa yoga, yin and meditation

Let’s immerse ourselves in a transformative experience

A journey to everyday yoga postures, breath expansion and deep meditation. Breathe as deep as the roots of the Earth – shine as bright as the raying sun! This open-levelled retreat welcomes curiosity towards yoga, acceptance of the current self, comfortable surroundings to observe inner paths of awareness. Both open to beginners as well as experienced yogis and fellow teachers, this retreat will allow you to grow with your practice. A balance of power and softness as we allow each other to be both strong and vulnerable. A consensus of peace at Shanti Space, Portugal.

This is for you who...

  ...needs a break from rigid routines, a good shake and a focus on what's important to you in this period of your life.

...wants a space to unfold your curiosity towards yoga and meditation.

...are new to yoga, and wants a safe space to learn more.

...wants an active holiday just for you or with a friend or partner.

...are beginning your meditation-journey and needs help to get a routine.

...wish to spend 7 days in contentment with nature, movement and meditation.

...are an experienced yogi longing for depth and a place to grow and ask questions while getting a helping hand.


  • 7 days and 6 nights filled with blissful yoga at the nurturing Shanti Space

  • Daily vinyasa flow, breath expansion, guided meditation, yin yoga and yoganidra

  • Strong mornings and soft afternoons

  • Sacred Earth Ceremony and Harmonisation

  • Workshops with ancient yogic philosophy and other special themes

  • Swell in the incredible Portuguese nature

  • Free periods to absorb the practice and time to observe yourself in the now

  • Journaling sessions to dive into your current curiosities, dreams and goals

  • Nourishing vegetarian food from the seasonal land

  • Full accommodation

YOU deserve this.



This programme is designed to allow you plenty time for yoga, relaxation and exploration of the beautiful nature valley.

DAY 1: Soft and Earthy Landing

On sunday we meet and greet within the group collective.  We establish a space of safety, acceptance and comfort with movement and meditation.

16:30-17:00 Check in

17:00-17:45 Welcome ceremony

17:45-19:00 Soft landing with vinyasa flow yoga and meditation

19:00 Dinner

DAY 2: Let the Roots Grow

Monday we begin our daily routine. Allowing the roots of yoga to grow with strong morning and soothing evening practices.

07:30-10:30 Fiery vinyasa flow and meditation

10:30-16:00 Breakfast, free time and snacking

16:00-19:00 Calming yin yoga, yoganidra and meditation

19:00 Dinner

DAY 3: Spread like Wildfire

Tuesday we enjoy the same routine as day 2, although today we sprinkle curiosity towards the history of yoga with a workshop on yoga philosophy.

07:30-12:00 & 15:00-19:00 "The Routine" (same as day 2)

12:00-15:00 Workshop on yoga philosophy with open Q&A <3